Gaucho Green Chimmi-Churri is brewed using a base of organic parsley and cilantro to which is added extra virgin olive oil, citer and red wine vinegars, garlic, lemon juice, honey, soy sauce, hot peppers, teas and spices.


Dipping Sauce - As a dip for bread, Chimmi-Churri is a party maker. Add to cream cheese or sour cream for a memorable dip with chips or vegetables.

Marinade - Poultry, fish, meat and vegetables — marinate from 1-4 hours [1 hour for fish, more for meats and vegetables].

Cooking Sauce - Next time you are thinking of sautéing in butter or oil try Chimmi-Churri instead. Add a splash to pan juices when making gravies and sauces. Chimmi-Churri is naturally low in fat and high in flavor.

Condiment - Brush on bread for sandwiches, sprinkle on salads, add zest to breakfast, spoon over steamed mussels, clams or oysters.


Leftovers - Heat up some good crusty bread, brush it with Chimmi-Churri, add some meat and vegetables and you have a fabulous sandwich.

Parties - For an easy and uniquely memorable party, there's nothing like platters of Chimmi-Churri grilled meats surrounded by Chimmi-Churri roasted vegetables. It's beautiful, aromatic and delicious.